It's all about you

What you wear. Where you go on holidays. The atmosphere in your home. The way our office is organized. It´s all a reflections of choices you have made and to the outside world a mirror of you.

We all make choices with the purpose of covering a need. Initial to choosing you are faced with heaps of alternatives. Sometimes you can determine your options and make the right choice within a split of a second. But for most parts, what finally step into our life is a matter of coincidence, input and time. 

 That's where I step in.

I would like to help you create that mirror image. And therefore I need to get to know you and get a thorough understanding of what your requirements are. Whether it being a commercial project and you are representing a large organization or if it's a small cabin in the countryside. I will create solutions tailored to you. Space utilisation, structural modifications, wall treatments, colours, lighting, soft furniture and decore should all merge into a design that exceeds your expectations and reflects what you aspire to.

The desire to create have brought me to remote and exotic places. Designing large villas in Asia and Europe. Nightclubs and restaurants in Dubai. Office fit outs for large corporate organisations in Norway. Bespoke furniture for a sole apartment in Tromsø. The first outlet for that young entrepreneur that want to sell his coffee.

 All projects are unique. For me as an interior designer it's about finding the core and putting it on display.