We need to talk!

All projects start with a no-charge initial meeting. If your project is built I normally prefer to visit the site. If it's a new build in the planning stages we can do the meetings anywhere. On overseas projects I often communicated by use of digital platforms.

Based on our meeting I will propose a design contract defining the scope of work, responsibilities, timelines and budgets.

I prefer to divide the design process into phases to easier keep track of the project pace and assure progress. Every phase of the project is presented and specified for a client sign off.

Scope of work on a typical project consist of:

  • Site visit, measurements and clarifications.
  • Develop space and furniture layout.
  • Idetifying design and concept .
  • Demonstrate material and colour use.
  • Draft cost plan.
  • Develop 3d illustrations
  • Detail and production drawings of custom items.
  • Define supplier and product.
  • Procurement.
  • Tender documentation and process.
  • Project managing implementation.
  • Dressing and handover.  

 The only real value in life is the time you are willing to spend getting something done.