Norwegian Seafood Counsil


The Norwegian Seafood Consil relocate their head offices to the new and much debated Kystens Hus in july 2015.

NSC is a large organisation and their head office sits more than 70 employees.

The office has a modern and cost efficient layout. 80 % of the work desks are open space planning, while the remaining offices are individual cells.  

In order to archive a transparent as well as productive work environment we added tower cabinets on all work stations they cater for storage and provide each work station privacy.

The office has several multifunctional rooms, like silent rooms, study rooms, recreational areas and off course traditional meeting rooms. The most exiting part of the project was to implement the graphic profile and the client identity into the interior design. The team I worked with from NCS have been thorough and enthusiastic throughout the process of design development, tender and implementation.